Importance of a Familiar Face

Importance of a Familiar Face

Have you ever been in a situation when you are in a different county or surrounded by people who you don’t know or who speak the language you don’t understand? In this situation you will feel a wave of pleasure when even you hear someone in familiar language or see a familiar face. Your level of confidence suddenly shoots up and you start to get much more focus to do or say what you were doing or saying.

The same theory works in Project Management. Whichever stage of the project you are working on, it always helps to have a “familiar face” around you. This is the reason why managers or the team leads always prefer building their team around the people with which they have more confidence and trust. This is also one of the principles of Agile to form the team around motivated individuals.

So all this discussion leads to a question that how to make sure that you have “familiar faces” while managing or leading a team? The best way to go about it is to develop and spread the relevant domain among the team members including the practices. Also build a community of professionals who are familiar and experienced with technical and functional aspects of the Project Management to support those people in the group will lesser knowledge and experience.

The domain can be transferred in two manners; first one is to conduct or setup domain sharing and training sessions so that the people can get familiar with the technical terms and related jargon. Second one is make the people do the actual work through delegation of different tasks under some experienced guidance. Once the domain is spread to first layer of people, they will be able to not only benefit from it themselves but also will pass it on to the next layer.

OGMC provides a wide range of standard and customized trainings to help people to enhance their skill set. OGMC also offers Consulting Services, at different levels, to customers during different stages of Project Management to build up their skill set and practical experience under expert guidance to build up “familiar faces”.

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  • Rahim Dad Reply

    Really explained well. I had been in this situation where I was relieved to see familiar faces.

    February 24, 2020 at 5:53 am

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