The Incredible Manager

The Incredible Manager

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Faster, Higher, Stronger; these are the qualities required from any individual who wants to excel beyond the common trough and to become incredible character with superhuman stamina and durability.

As I have discussed in my other article, “Big Love – The Lucky Guy with 4 Wives”, that the Project Manager has responsibilities and pressures from multiple sides and to be a successful Project Manager, one has to be on top of his game with practical patience, positive lifestyle and Emotional resilience.

This Olympics motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, really does apply to any Project Manager looking to raise to the challenges associated with its role.


The better a Project Manager consistent in adopting processes religiously and have good follow-ups, the faster he will be able to perform its work in a more practical and systematic way. Also it helps the Project Manager with effective Monitoring and Control to take off major portion and pain of undue responsibility from the shoulders of the Project Manager. 


To achieve greatness, one has to be always on top of its game. The Project Management is a discipline that brings a lot of learning and upgrading with experience. The other way to do that is to go through Short Courses and Trainings related to the role of Project Manager, Leadership and other general soft-skills.  The Project Manager should also focus is developing itself in the Domain Knowledge and technical aspects related to the project which will help in developing estimates, implementations and signoffs.


The Project Manager has to be mentally very strong, creative and flexible in its approach. Experience and knowledge are built over time but “creativity” and “adaptability” is more related to the mindset of the Project Manager. Agile Principles provides a very good base for Project Managers to be more flexible and adoptable in all aspects of Project Management. The Project Manager should also be able to handle exceptions effectively.

Another quality of a “Strong” Project Manager is that it acts as a shoulder for the team and supports the team by building and maintaining a good level of EI (Emotional Intelligence) with its team. Project Manager takes all responsibility for all the actions of the team and don’t allow any direct access to any team member. This quality allows the Project Manager to have more control over its team and at the same time lowers the blame.

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