Executive Performing Micro-Management

Executive Performing Micro-Management

It is always good to see people starting their on setups and switching from job to an Entrepreneur role. Some of them gets their Entrepreneurship role as inherited family business and others do it after gaining some experience or sometimes they just have the urge to set up their own company and they just jump into it.

Every Role has its own challenges and so does setting up and running a company. One thing I have observed, throughout my career, is that whenever someone sets up a company, he/she takes up the lead role (generally Chairman or CEO) in the company.

There is no harm in that. If you have set up a company then there is no one better than you to lead it. Other person will not have that level of affiliation with the company or will be willing to take that pain for the company that makes you to go out of the way for the company. But sometime this affiliation can create problem and can lead to miscalculated judgments.

The most wildly committed mistake, in setting up and running your company, is that despite being a C-level Executive, you start to perform too much Micro-Management and invest your time in correcting tiny details instead of looking at the big picture. Micromanagement can be tempting, especially for new leaders and they start indulging in activities not related to their role. For example, how you would term a CEO indulging in details of kitchen expenses or office stationery etc.? For very small company of 1 to 5 people, it might look alright but if you are really looking to become a top level Executive, then you should know and understand that some areas needs to be delegated to others and don’t ask employees to take his permission for everything. As high level Executive, you should be able to trust others and let them do their job with a faith that they will get the job done, Increase trust and don’t give excessive supervision to employees otherwise Projects drag on forever. It’s so intensive it interferes with productivity and performance. it’s not usually counted as harassment but it is. Micromanagement low employee morale, high staff turnover, reduce productivity and creates dissatisfaction.

 Hire right people for right job and don’t try to fit in people in unusual roles and don’t make people work in additional roles they were not originally hired to do. The point is that as C-Level Executive, you should have the right mindset and clear boundaries regarding your role and responsibilities. OGMC provides basic to advanced level trainings to help the C-Level Executives to sharpen up their skills regarding Entrepreneurship and working in lead roles.

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  • Rachael Walsh Reply

    Really nice article with a soft message for executives

    March 17, 2020 at 4:38 am
  • Umair Qayyum Reply

    Absolutly correct insight of the startups CEO’s mind

    March 21, 2020 at 6:59 am

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