Don’t the Project Managers do anything?

Don’t the Project Managers do anything?

Once I was interviewing a candidate for an entry-level job for the role of Project Coordinator. The candidate had just graduated from university a few days back and had no professional work experience under his belt. I asked the candidate that why he wanted to choose this line and wanted to join the PMO department? To which the candidate responded that he choose this line because he believes that Project Managers are the one who don’t have to do anything.

Keeping aside the funny part of it, the fact is that this is not just perception of one person but unfortunately the majority of people thinks this way, some of which I have shared in my other article “Big Love – The Lucky Guy with 4 Wives”.

The reality is that when you are working as a Project Manager, especially on multiple projects at the same time, everybody is generally more focused on the things which were not completed and have been delayed. Ironically, not much is said or appreciated regarding what went well and how the Project Manager made it happen using all its experience, skills and efforts.

Project Manager is like a machine, nobody realizes the importance until it stops working. Similarly the good qualities of a project manager is not realized till it is no more available.

As discussed in my other article “Big Love – The Lucky Guy with 4 Wives”, a Project Manager has to manage multiple dimensions and have to absorb pressure from all sides. Project Manager is certainly the most pivotal position and is considered to be the backbone of any project. It is a pity that Project Managers doing a good job are not highlighted in that manner and only a small percentage gets the recognition for their efforts.

The lack of recognition created a problem for the Project Manager in a manner that it is never able to determine its key strengths. Focusing on strengths by consistently putting them to exercise and even work on further enhancement to take them to a higher level, is very important for any resource and Organization’s development but this opportunity is lost due to negligence. A little pat on the back can do wonders and that is something that needs attention of the Senior Management of the Organizations.

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  • Rachael Walsh Reply

    That perception about the Project Managers is that they don’t do anything. The reality is much opposite to that and that is nicely highlighted by the author in this article.

    March 22, 2020 at 4:45 am

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