“The Ultimate Management Psychology”

The Management is not just about processes, practices and methodologies rather a large proportion of it purely depends on emotional and behavioral psychology of the individuals as well as collectively as a team. Based on our (myself and my friend / business partner Saqib Javed John) professional experiences and learnings over the last two decades, we are introducing here a new concept of human resource development that is “GROWTH”.

The basis of this concept “GROWTH” is that there is a set of different aspects of human behavior and psychology which can be fine-tuned to help professionals a rapid growth and progress in their careers. “GROWTH” is combination of multiple behaviors (Governance, Respect, Optimism, Wellbeing, Teamwork and Honesty) that combined to form the term “GROWTH” having the same meaning as literary word Growth as per any English language dictionary.

Each element of growth as discussed as follows:


The first element of “GROWTH” is Governance. It depicts that no matter what level you have achieved or which area you are working in, you always need guidance and expert support to grow as a professional. There is a famous phrase that “Learning Never Stops” and if you explore the term Governance, it will encapsulate a lot of things. A professional can seek Governance in terms of personal assistance from an expert or through use of templates or any other piece of information. The key is that you always believe that you can always gain knowledge and support from anyone and at any time.


Respect is very important and fundamental part of human behavior which everyone seeks and it holds the key to real success. Respect is not just when the other person or party is right rather the best form of respect comes when the other person or party is at fault. Respect is an important part of communication because it makes you to listen, absorb and then respond to the other party. Accepting your mistake is certainly brave thing to do but accepting others is really a level above that.Respect also means that you do not only acknowledge the experience of others but also their all skillset, hard work and sacrifices behind that.

It is a universal fact that those who pay respect to others do earn the same in response.


Optimism is one of the personality characteristic which is mostly a main difference between success and failure. This attribute kept individuals focused on the positives even in a situation when everything is going wrong. A majority of professionals’ only present hope but if they don’t have confidence then you are already a failure. There is a saying by William Aurthur Ward that “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Once a professional builds this mindset, he/she starts to look at things with a totally different perspective Optimism often leads to Perseverance and that mindset is important to excel beyond the common trough.


Personality of an individual is also defined by how he/she generally builds a perception about others. It is a quality of a great leader to think high of others. Such leader will always have a well-defined roadmap for others and will guide them every inch of the way in order to meet their targets. Important aspect about this characteristic is that when you think of wellbeing of others, you will always use positive frame of mind. Gradually this practice becomes a consistent part of your attitude and gradually turns into a habit and a work culture. It starts to benefit you in all aspects of your personal life as well. By thinking about wellbeing of other, it starts introducing the act of sacrifice in your personality.


Teamwork is all about developing trust among the team members, by ignoring their weakness and focusing on their strengths, and then gradually converging their weaknesses into strengths. When a group of people work together, the level of trust among them contribute towards their success. It’s about building a relationship, over time, to an extent that you reach a point when you are making decisions based on not your but someone else’s judgments. This is again a characteristic that elaborate positivity in your personality. You take others along in making decisions and get benefits or penalized from that. The thing you learn through trust is understanding and realizing the fact that it is not always about you. You have to build professional relationship to achieve that added advantage and grow in your career.


This is also very important aspect of the human behavior and conduct. As soon as you honestly accept your mistake, that is the time to start mitigating the faults and grow as a true professional. Accepting mistakes is never easy especially when someone else share your shortcomings but the people around you will combine their efforts to take care of the issue created by you.

Other aspect about being honest is that you recognize and rectify if there is any gap in your skillset or personality thus indicating your readiness to learn to overcome that gap. Honesty again is the source of elaborating positivity, as you accept, you need others. For honest decisions you get to use highest level of your skills and as a result start challenging yourself to deliver more.

We will publish soon further dimensions of our concept GROWTH in the  part II of this article.

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  • Umair Qayyum Reply

    GROWTH is something that is not only related to Project Management but to all walks of life.

    March 30, 2020 at 1:23 pm

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