B2B Sales – Client Insight to Lead Generation

B2B Sales

B2B Sales – Client Insight to Lead Generation

In B2B Sales, having client insight from generating lead to Sales & from sales to make it complete as economic activity is essential for more growth and development of the business. It’s a complete cycle and knowing the smoothness of every step makes this cycle fast, efficient and economical. It is not only to get the deal done with the client but to know client insight. Client insight involves the pre-sales and post sales activities. Getting the demand from client is only one part of sales activities. Starting here with pre-sales activities to lead generation with the current or potential client, the most important is to know & understand your client’s business, with basic questions. What is their basic input and output of product / service? What type of value addition is being made? What are the total product line and their variants? What is their turnover for their product / service? What is the market share?

Once extraction is completed, Now it’s time to organizing the data collected from client into the segments, These segments are divided into 3 different parts, calling it “Analyzing & implementation”, “Execution”, & “follow up”.

  1. Analyzing & Implementation: at very first step the data will be analyzed for the useful information required to match with company’s product, service or idea. Through the synchronization of the product, service or idea with the data in hand will help us to guide the target audience in the relevant department of client. This is the first step where one will hit with its product, service or idea. For example if we have steel fabricator client to target, by analyzing the data we will come to know the very first department we need to visit and target is engineering department involved in Structural design & fabrication. These structural design engineers and fabrication engineers will understand the product offered and solution to their problems. During the implementation process, we will find out the relevant product, service or idea for that particular client, at this stage we know our target audience, solution to their needs for offering more viable and long lasting product to them. It’s time to gear up with all relevant information (Product & company Profiles) with gadgets (tools / equipment including software, hardware) and preparation for presentation or any type of demonstration at project site or at production floor.
  1. Execution: Once “analyzing & implementation” is done successfully, now it’s time for execution. Execution includes make possible every step to conduct successful presentation or demonstration to client, it includes time, place, people & documentation.
    • Time: At first stage, it has to be taken suitable and appropriate time from client, it’s recommended not to push client for urgent or forced time slots from your side. In this way it’s possible that potential client is already involved in another project or at some crucial stage of other project. It will always be in your favour to conduct the test as per client’s convenience because comfort of the client will make easier for you to get win-win situation. Whenever time slot is decided with your potential client in case of second place like project site or potential client production area, always request them some extra time before the decided time slot to get yourself prepared at the place.
    • Place: Place has to be decided along with time slot to decide with the client. It can be within your premises, project Site or client production facility. Always try to reach at presentation place (office) or demonstration site before time, if already requested and approved. It is important to make set up ready including relevant documentation to software and hardware gadgets. This will give an extra boost in confidence and help for smooth operations till end. Make sure that place has to be clean, clear and visible to all participants. Once presentation or demonstration is ended, important to get your all relevant material collected from the place. It is also recommended to involve relevant authorities of the third party place to avoid any problem during the presentation /demonstration or at the later stage.
    • People: It is important to decide earlier regarding all the people involved in the process, from your side and from the potential client side. While deciding above two factors (time & place) keep involved all the relevant people from start. People conducting presentation or demonstration along with people witnessing should be listed from the starting phase. Share the details along with the designations and scope of work with your client & get the same details from your client so everyone is involved to avoid any delays.
    • Documentation: Document all the activity performed during the presentation or demonstration for record purpose. This can include following,
      1. Any instrumental readings during the demonstration
      2. Facts or figures during the presentation or demonstration from some other source or documents.
      3. Questions asked during or after the presentation / demonstration.
      4. Answers given to all relevant questions during the presentation/ demonstration or after that.
      5. Collecting and recording the final result of any instrumental operation.

Once all documentation is completed, Must share all the documents with relevant participants before leaving or ending the presentation or demonstration for further record.

  1. Follow Up: Now it’s time to follow up with the Potential client after the presentation or demonstration. Follow up is again divided into two parts.
    1. First follow up includes getting the result of the presentation or demonstration from your targeted audience. Always try to answer any query raised from their side after the presentation or demonstration with your findings or from your relevant additional documentation. Once your targeted audience compiled final result, always emphasis those to get it shared with relevant departments and authorities.
    2. Second step of “follow up” is to get in touch with rest of the departments / authorities to get final approval and registration within concerned departments including the commercial. From here now it’s time to follow up for lead generation or commercial inquiry for your product, service or idea, which will takes you to sales and post sales activities.

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