REACH is an exclusive copy right concept of OGMC. This is derived through the collective experience, knowledge and research of M. Zeeshan Ali and myself Saqib J. John, this is also the part of our next OGMC Publication titled as “Remote Project Management in Pandemic & Beyond”.

The purpose and phenomena behind the R.E.A.C.H is to build a Progressively Elaborated Process to implement the BASICS of Project Management irrespective to any particular framework or methodology.

REACH is a “Strategic Iterative Process”, execute in a loops to provide maximum output. Design of this process is very lean, efficient and productive.

Realize … the problem
Evolve … through Re-engineering of processes or by changing the methodology
Adapt … new designs, innovation and changes to transform
Convert … all positive and productive changes into polices and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to improve the working culture of an organization
History … archive lesson leaned and analytics for the future validations and negotiations (also known as Organizational Process Assets)


Realization is the first and fundamental element of REACH concept as its well-known truth in the project management that “OGMC – Projects never work on assumption or uncertainties”

In any Project, framework or execution method, the more we identify what is useless and irrelevant, the better would be planning, execution and delivery. Project deliveries should be exactly as per the agreed scope neither under promise and nor above the commitments. In both cases, it will be a failure.

After identifying and realizing the irrelevant elements in requirements and scope, we recommend “Avoid”, that is one of the Risk Response Strategies, as a best solution to minimize the risks that can be caused in result.

Along with scope of work, management also need to identify and avoid the waste of time on the over follow-ups with the teams and Teams should not waste time on the over treatments of the issues or bugs. This element shifts focus to identify ‘what is exactly required’ and ‘what is really important’.

Our expert opinion on realization is that “Eliminate Unnecessary and Cultivate Essentials”


Evolution is the 2nd element of REACH concept also well-known as Continuous Improvement in both functional and projectized work environment, “OGMC – Move, to know the Hurdles”

Evolution is the result of Mindset and Approach but not only of the leadership and Experts, but beyond it’s about the mindset of the whole organization that makes a real difference. Ideas should drive the strategies and then strategies should drive the work culture of an organization, not the otherwise.

In Project Management, rapid developments in the technology, frameworks and execution methodologies is the best example of evolution. Keep validating and keep changing the methods until you achieve the desired results in form of improved work flows or optimized processes.


Adaptability is the 3rd and central-main element of the REACH concept, “OGMC – the Most Adaptive Processes are the Fittest”

The biggest challenge and distraction in any organization or project is the change resistance, that executives, management and even teams within itself face most of time. We normally face such hurdles in our work environments that effects adaptability.

Adaptability in accordance with the evolutionary improvements is required to be treated as an essential part of the work culture and processes improvements. It is about the readiness and flexibility to adapt the changes in system, approach, processes, and work conditions. Always remains flexible to negotiate for the betterment and improvement.


Conversion is the 4th (i.e. 2nd last) element of the REACH concept, “OGMC – Conversion is the Master Act”
In any business, organization or project, constructive conversion and transformation is the most important daily factor to grow together. In this part of the process, it’s time to convert the best processes, plans and methods into a long term polices and SOPs. This is stage where the finest and the most effective form of the process becomes the benchmark for the upcoming projects within the organization as well as on global platforms.

Process conversion into policy depends on the right delivery and result of the process. Speed of Conversion affects the speed of business and productivity.


History is the last element of the REACH concept, “OGMC – No History, No Learning”

This is knowledge management or building Organization Process Assets.

Knowledge Archives for any project or program or portfolio are as important as Enterprise Environmental Factors are. This is the factor that makes organizations independent and discourage people dependency. As it contains the best and proven rules, analytics, checklists, lesson learned and parameters.

Lessons from past project and statements of efficient executions play a huge contribution in decision making and setting right approach and strategy of the future projects. Apart from individual new learning, in fact, I firmly believe on Learning in Collaboration, through the History or Archives.

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