B2B SALES: Lead generation to Sales – Converting potential sales into an actual sales


B2B SALES: Lead generation to Sales – Converting potential sales into an actual sales

B2B sales are having long and lengthy processes to generate sales leads, getting sales lead not only takes time but it is also an investment of human and capital resources. Once the lead has been converted into purchase order, which is just a potential sale at this step. Potential sales means that the lead has been converted into purchase order by your client and now we will go through how to convert your purchase order to actual sales activity, a potential sales into actual Sales.

  1. Purchase order content (POC) verification : Purchase order content (POC) verification includes the technical and commercial aspects,Once the purchase / contract documents has been received, Now its core responsibility of sales team to verify all the technical aspects & commercial aspects of the purchase order. Technical aspects involve all the technical data / specifications offered at the time of demonstration and in sales offerings. These should be the same as per customer requirement which are agreed from the need identification to demonstration & then in technical/ commercial offering. The contract / purchase document (order) should mention all the relevant documents required along with the product / service. It is important to know that while making technical offer to customer, all your documents relevant to product / service should be mentioned, in case of any additional charges of any documents, your offer should mention separately in it, while client has clear knowledge of it. As far as commercial aspects involved in it, prices of each product / service should be matching with your commercial offer, In case of taxation, these regulation and taxation polices should be given to client earlier and having the same in your Purchase contract to avoid any legal ambiguity later.  There should not be any hidden charges, earlier not mentioned to client. Delivery terms, payment terms & any other conditions related to product / service agreed earlier with the client must reflect in purchase contract.
  • Communicating order: After doing all POC verification, now potential purchase order needs to communicate rest of the departments including production, warehouse, quality control, shipping / logistics & accounts. The process of communicating or transferring is called sales order. The sales order should be completed with all the supportive documents required for relevant departments like for production, it must be included with the technical specs, drawings & documents. For logistics / shipping its must have all the delivery details from the delivery address to transport type. Any special instruction from loading to transit regarding the product safety & security. Once order has been communicated to relevant department, sale’s job is not ended here, now they have to keep following up with their sales order to make it possible on time. Timely deliveries will not only make possible to regenerating leads, but it will help to boost the confidence of your client and in longer time this will surely give competitive edge over competitors.
  • Updates to Client; Once the Sales order is in process, always try to keep updated your client with regular intervals. This will not only help to get confidence from client toward your company but also it gives an extra-ordinary individual impression being a professional sales person. After completing the order & before the shipment always contact client for final confirmation of shipment arrangements, so client will be ready to receive the product at their end. Why it is important to update the client because sometime client is busy with some other projects and not ready to have instant surprise at their door step. There will be less time to manage space, people and resources. In this way there is a high chance that your products get damages, lost or some technical fault. This leaves not a good impression and showing a lack of communication / professional approach. Though every step was carefully monitored and executed from the start and we don’t want that at the final stage some small communication gape make whole effort unattractive. So this is very important to keep updated your client for each and every move involved from converting the lead to sale.

As we have completed the process from lead generation to sales, is it end to this whole process? Certainly no, once the sale is done, we have something more to follow in post-sales activities.

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