Emotional Trafficking

Emotional Trafficking

Emotional Trafficking

Emotional trafficking is Felonious beyond the Filth which makes the life of the victims very complex.

No food … No health

No education … no employment

No acceptance … no security

No feeling … no Life

This is what turning the poverty into prostitution and Humanity into Dumanity

Ignorance of Human about his own social, cultural, civil, political and legal rights … conceive the opportunity for Emotional Traffickers.

Where is the legal framework, where to go to claim, from where to seek the legal address to get advocacy for the Emotional Trafficking.

All human born free and inherit dignity and equality by virtue.

It is our duty to teach the marginalized groups about the tricks of Traffickers and tell them that rights are their legal entitlements and they need to stand and claim.

Awareness” and “Realization” of “Humanity” is the basic spirit of “Human Rights”.

But unfortunately, the reality of realization is blur and next to nothing.

Many dying in blues and deserts and even around.

Together, we need to domesticate the international instruments of human transformation, to make the emotionally trafficked dummies back to living.

Charity is simple but Humanity is very Complex

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  • Jazib Reply

    very consice blog bhai.. worth the time.. also quite informative. God bless you..

    April 18, 2020 at 8:48 pm

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