PMO Framework Establishment and Mobilization

PMO Framework has profound impact on the success or failure of organizations, so it requires tailoring to the relevant context. Comprehensive, practical and robust framework aligned with business objectives, provides an effective and sustainable roadmap to improve portfolio, program, and project management.

Organizations do not exist in isolation that is why empirical integration of theoretical and conceptual framework is a prerequisite for formulating standards and future prescriptions. Framework objectives are to use commonplace simple methods, processes and practices, readily known existing tools and techniques and to benchmark best practices. Equally important is the continual improvement and co-evolution of processes at organizational as well as micro levels.

PMO’s framework plays decisive role and should have multidimensional competencies, dynamic interactive configurations, non-hierarchical authority, and qualitative values approach along with effective and efficient operational processes. We support organizations to systematically emerge from the strategic apex to the operational base by capturing knowledge and understanding organizational complexity and in result provide different configurations of organizational performance.

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