Resources Performance Measurement

Resource evaluation by their respective Line Managers and/or Peers is very traditional, but OGMC is not limiting this only to the Human Resources, in fact it includes all the resources used on a project and provides full control to the organizations to operate in a uniform method and also keep identifying the areas throughout the project where resource need improvement.

OGMC provides, one of its kind, Resource Performance Measurement service purely based on data and calculations without any involvement of personal liking/disliking or human intervention.

Since each organization is different and so are their values, one matrix cannot be declared fit for all, we work closely with our clients to build customized matrix based on their preferences and priorities. This matrix has potential to expand in magnitude to accommodate any runtime addition or change of parameter.

Each assignment or milestone may have different ratios while considering weightage of the project. In OGMC model, even each evaluator has different marking curve so in result a top performing resource may have different numbers by different evaluators.

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