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Agile Collaborative Behavior

Truly, collaborative agile culture is based on the effective communication between the team members, client and other stakeholders, there is no doubt, project at the end is delivered by teams not tools. Emphasize on the importance of the people and their collaboration is very significant. Collaborative behaviors depend on rich communication, transparency, trust and openness....


Lean Transitioning Methodologies

Lean transformation or transitioning of working methodologies is an important component of Transformational Approach and Architecture, which includes lean business-case, lean thinking approach, lean flow, lean best principles, practices and processes, lean discipline competencies, lean tools and techniques, Lean organizational system and structure, and ultimately a lean governance. Lean-Agile establish lean methodologies to provide a...


Goal Oriented Culture

Transformation towards the goal oriented culture always truly depends on overcoming the barriers, people behavior, improvement approach, fast decision cycles and understanding depth and adoption of best practices. Goal oriented culture is mostly objectives-centered who co-creates value for all stakeholders and tends to be more straightforward and précised. Optimized processes help sustain the culture...