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You cannot improve what you cannot measure

To improve anything, you should be able to compare it with some (external or internal) standards and benchmarks. It helps you to know your strong and weak areas to know where to work more. Continuing on my article “The Number Game”, performance measurement and performance management is a mandatory department for any sophisticated and modern company....

Number Game

The Number Game

It is common for companies to have a regular annual evaluation system. As discussed in my other article, The Issue with Typical Performance Measurement, I firmly believe that a company should have a much more detailed evaluation matrix and system. During my career, I have worked with many customers, especially software development companies, to form detailed...

Performance Measurement

The issue with typical Performance Measurement

Performance management has traditionally been considered as evaluation of employees by its line manager or senior peer. This evaluation, for me, has few limitations. First one is that the whole evaluation is based on the mindset and perception of the evaluator regarding the candidate and is more affected by the working relation between the two...