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The Effective Follower

As a senior member of the PMO team, it is common for us to have a junior level resource for assistance purposes. Some of such resources I worked with were just average resources who most of the time were looking to just serve their time in PMO. While there were some other resources who...


The Necessary Evil: Project Management Consultant

If you want something to be done then why not use a specialist for this purpose? I have also previously discussed the importance of having an independent consultant in my articles “The Futuristic Project Manager” & “3rd Party Project Governance”. I firmly believe that Project Management Consultant is the “Necessary Evil” that is the...

Project Manager

The Futuristic Project Manager

A lot is discussed regarding the qualities of a good Project Manager and about different management experiences but I thought it would be a good idea to visualize what the future Project Manager would be like? With an ever growing number of Project Managers, one thing seems to be getting important is that the mandatory...