Transition is Challenging


Transition is Challenging

“Time is Slipping and Every Path is Different”

Over the period, I observed the biggest challenge which not only human beings but in fact every species on the earth face that is “Transition”.  

Transition from one business to another, from being unemployed to re-employed, from one lifestyle to another, from one kind of thought to another, from one identity to another, from one kind of character to another, from one phase of life to another, from one kind of relations to another, from one kind of society to another or name the matter, it’s always challenging. Transitions can never be done in isolation as lots of physical, emotional, financial, and social challenges are involved. 

Transition has its own self-war-zone, norms, values and socio-demographic characteristics including stress, psychological distress and pressure of well-being, possible loss of identity, anxiety disorder or major depression, reduction of financials, social isolation and failure to exercise self-care.

A common thought behind transition is a long-term economic and social sustainability. In result, transition and its response can be successful or vice versa, under the provisions of experience, 70% of Transitions get failed. Despite the Transition type, success of the Transition massively depends on how well Transition planning is drafted, care giving activities executed and regressively controlled. 

The stereotypes hypothesize, risks and threats are always associated with transitional reconstruction but It’s important to reveal the differences and to have learning agility, adaptive attitudes, counselling and skills upgrading to become sufficiently prepared, trained and brave enough for the extreme conditions of Transition. Transition is a hectic process which needs tons of patience, persistence, self-compassion and self-efficacy.

This perceived thought might not necessarily reflect the actual extent of the challenge and needing an additional analysis to further explore and disentangle the interrelation of Transitions but definitely a meaningful insight and great headway as sometimes it’s only about the journey and purpose where failing is not an option.

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