Blessings in Errors


Blessings in Errors

“Be open to errors to master your art”

Errors are very real and a harsh way to learn, but neither a destination nor personality characteristic. Everyone fails, after doing a lot of mistakes in professional life, I finally reach on the conclusion that the Professional Errors are not as bad as the normal perception is, because it gives an opportunity to rethink, develops the power of decision making and provides a lesson of not to repeat again, hence keep the spirits high to make the things better. 

Errors are unpleasant but it’s very important to maintain the positive mindset to learn from the mistakes. Success is beyond the nightmares, keep striving, re-evaluating and refining for goals. It’s not the formula, as failure doesn’t always lead to success, but I personally believe that there is no success without failure. Use your errors to master your art.

Neither give up nor get fear, instead of, use the errors as fuel to keep moving forward in life as it opens new ideas and new solutions. Errors are necessary injuries in life which have blessings in disguise. It gives you an opportunity to prepare better for your next move and improve capabilities to grow. Remember, it took Thomas Edison 1,000 tries to invent the light bulb, he failed 999 times, he worked on his invention in the dark.

There are many fallouts of errors like being rejected, being disregard, being mistreated, being ridiculed, becoming identity less, being always on blind spot, losing self-worth, becoming the victim of avoidance, getting unfair labels, being criticized, being hatred, being crippled etc. which are naturally very unpleasant but take this as event in course of life, therefore, accept, recognize and feel the emotions of errors, get support to fix, learn the lesson and don’t repeat to get into the similar situation again. One step further, on the other hand, failure to correct the errors can create chronic feelings of depression, anxiety. 

The efforts to come out from errors sometimes give a spike to act beyond capabilities as pain births gain. Errors are only setbacks, not a defeat or dead end. There is always value in errors, which creates new skills, learning from the errors and failures makes us better.

Realizing, correcting and not repeating the mistakes again is the key to find blessings in errors. At the end it is not the failures that people remember but only your successes are remembered which were built on those failures. 

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