Standardize Internal Resource Selection


Standardize Internal Resource Selection

Through Collaborative Networking

While working in the domain of Project Management, you have to get involved in many activities of the other departments and top of which is Human Resource (HR). “Resource Management” is one the most important project management areas which includes processes of Acquire Team, Develop Team and Manage Team. Being Project Manager you are responsible and accountable for documenting and releasing accurate information about Human Resources to authorized recipients.  

Project Manager is also accountable for the Human Resource productivity, therefore right on merit and transparent selection of the team is inevitable along with healthy professional relationships with our internal and external stakeholders and departments. 

I would like to mention here one major real time problem situation which I experienced while hiring employment for various projects. Although the new jobs published with the essence of equivalent participation but challenge is to manage internal candidates who believe they possess the necessary qualifications and experience for this position. At the same time another challenge is to conserve privacy as well.  

In such a state, I advise to exercise the skill of judgment, strategic priority and decision alongside considering the respectful and supportive environment of your organizational values, compassion and excellence. Another solution, which I mostly recommend, is the collaboration with other departments to get collective review and rightful evaluation for possible opportunities and candidates by understanding the needs, prospects and objectives insight.

The ultimate solution which makes it smooth and unbiased that is to follow the documented trends, integrated policies and procedures to execute hiring activities in a professional manner. Conclusively in nutshell, I prefer to use the skill set of “Collaborative Networking” to manage above mentioned problems. 

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