Corporate Superstar


Corporate Superstar

Classically unorthodox relationships and inheritance

Corporate superstars are classic and fascinating, not ordinary, having an unorthodox approach, could be quite innate, bright and brilliant, who gained momentum by passing through a serious opportunity, challenges, failure, pressures, stress and setbacks. 

I believe, career is not a straight line, in fact full of zigs and zags with vacuum of satisfaction and fulfillment because it’s an ever-growing embryonic intermingling of several social, political and personal influences like age, family needs, skills growth, actionable education, ambitious interests, explorative upbringing, evolutionary activeness, consistent climbs, confident decisions, luck & links, mental strength, ethics of service, dedicated novelty, self-image, economic realities which are in nut shell relationships and inheritance.

On the surface, in the general trajectory of career journey, there are several themes, fascinating pieces and choices of thoughts which keep compelling to take career change risk without predicting what would happen next.

To cope with this challenge, professionals must present an elastic, extrovert, persuasive personality, risk taking attitude with an openness to seize opportunities and to be successful.  But, along with that, I think that inheritance including education, gender, attributes, aptitudes, strong work ethic and formal experience play a huge factor in building a career’s ethnicity and privilege.  

The second major factor which came down to the fact is relationships, which continually impacts the ability to succeed, including establishment of strong professional ties, formal/informal friends, mentors and even the rhythms and constraints of romantic relationships which are always having dominating, overruling, seasonal and responsive reasons in the successful career journey of the Corporate Superstar. He/She always tried to find a niche to grow and shine. 

In my eyes, circumstances beyond control are the real push and fuel to move up. But there is an overreaching dilemma in this journey that it might end far too swiftly, due to the bumps in the road and cracks in climb, if it doesn’t look after health. My advice to corporate superstars that keep knowledge assets, exposure and experience heading forward to next and flourish human capital.

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