Women, Culture and Career


Women, Culture and Career

It’s quite unfortunate that most of the time personality, brought up and lower opportunities for growth defines the careers. The victims of these constraints are mostly women who face the influence of gender, family, social structure, social class, social pressures, economic conditions, lifestyle, race, religion, attitudes, behavior and parental.

Even in many liberal environments, some fixed values move along with the women without choices in life and never think of changing them. 

The majority usually become the victims of circumstances, do not tend to bring drastic changes in their inherited values and average life of what they were born with and what they have been given in inheritance. 

Success doesn’t come with hairline sketches, it’s a result of contrast and resistance between the inner struggle, devoted determination and inheritances. Success continuously needs a higher input of commitment, energy, time and efforts.

Some women courage to explore and pursue their passion, who always try to change, rise up-above the attributes, obstacles and refusals. Always help others to be independent and pursue their dreams.

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  • Mehnaz Walayat Reply

    I have just finished reading the article you wrote on Women, Culture and Career. I can always identify experiences in my own family with those you describe. Your articles help me to realize that problems are typical, and can solve them in constructive ways. The result of the inner struggles are the fullfillment of dreams.

    Thank you and keep these good articles coming.

    October 8, 2020 at 6:38 am

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