Daily Standup Meeting


Daily Standup Meeting

“My version of Daily Scrum”

The most useful and one of my favorite element of Agile Methodologies is the “Daily Standup Meeting”. As a Project Manager/Scrum Master, Daily Standup meetings provide me with not only clarity but alo control over the project proceedings. 

Since Agile is all about flexibility so I usually make a few adjustments, of my own, to the generic procedure of Daily Standup. Generally it is recommended to have Daily Standup at the start of the day but I had to keep it around mid-day but at a fix time. The reason being that my team works in a distributed environment, working over different time-zones and to accommodate a time suitable for all and enable them all to join, the time suits all is somewhere during mid-day. 

Since the team size is around 12 members therefore the Standups time is kept around 30 minutes rather than the usual 15 minutes. One thing, as a team, we have always ensured is that the Standups start and finish on time. If me or any other team member is not available, the team still ensures that the Standup meeting is conducted on time. We use a very good tool having Kanban Board as well as the view of the Sprint and Product Backlogs in our meetings. 

I always believe that being a senior member / team lead, it is my obligation, towards the junior resources, to have a growth plan for them. That is why I always ask one of the team members to conduct the meeting as facilitator / Scrum Master. The turn, including myself, is on a rotation basis but my guidelines are always there to support the resource. I would like to share my feedback here that due to this activity that I have always seen resources growing in confidence and getting ready to take on team lead or manager roles. They get used to this idea so much that whenever, in future, there is an opportunity to lead a meeting or activity, each member not only very keep on performing that role but also are very good at doing that.  At many times I feel that they perform the activity even better than an experienced manager.

I always let the team discuss the items they are working on and which ones they want next. The team collaborated with each other for the strategy related to any open issues and are collectively responsible and accountable for timely delivery and maintaining quality. Also everybody is clear about what is next and how to do it. The same visibility is useful for me and I just have to ensure implementation of processes and facilitate the team to perform their tasks. 

The best thing about the Daily Standup Meeting is that it ensures that there are no “Surprises”. 

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