Reality Driven Digitalization


Reality Driven Digitalization

It’s about the business transformation, restructuring of products and services around digital capabilities and cultural shift towards the digital world. 90% of organizations adopted or have plans to adopt a ‘being digital’ as their first strategy to improve digital capabilities through new technologies. Digital transformation requires a lot of tactical level decision making in a constantly.

“Digitization” is sometimes even being used interchangeably with “cloudification. Digital transformation emphasis on “Transformation” which is essentially digitizing analog processes to make efficiency gains around digital capabilities in many areas like communication, internal or customer-facing analytics, sales channels, data storage, project management, structuring products and services etc. Agile practices propose and fully support digital transformation to capture and utilize data to be more proactive, responsive and adaptive towards the customer needs and market conditions because long-term competitive advantage lies with providing data-enhanced capabilities to customers.

Digitization is a reality and adapting it lies with the “executive muscle” of the organization because it is a company-wide effort. Project managers in particular play a vital role during a digital transformation. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a common example of a technological transformation, the puts a lot of power and decision making. There are many challenges with digital transformation, it can’t be implemented without proper and well-adapted cultural transformation in the organization.

Digital Transformation is inevitable but not a silver bullet, so keep recognizing and respecting legacy processes along with adapting the reality of digitization. very pragmatically, organizational habits don’t change quickly, here agile value, agile principles and agile leadership plays an important role. Different departments and client-facing platforms have different levels of responsibility and risk. A successful digital transformations occur through embracing digital agility, transformative vision, innovative customer engagement and data-driven digital visualization.

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