Client Involvement


Client Involvement

One of the key contribution behind a successful project is of regular client involvement. Rinse-n-Repeat on client’s feedback is an obvious activity. Gathering all the requirements up front and then delivering in one go, usually and mostly fails. Client must be knowing what’s going on each phase or segment of key deliverables, to avoid later issues. No strategy and methodology works without client involvement and vision. Its required, to make sure that you are on the right track. Client involvement also makes continuous improvements and effective increment of features during entire development cycle.

Managing client involvement is a continuous effort to build what exactly is required and to get meaningful sign-off, otherwise problems can go beyond control. The impact of client involvement is enormous, even if needed, educate your client on the importance to participate. The real goal is to deliver a high-quality product through client acceptance, so it’s important to be in line with client’s desires and expectations which only possible with client’s active participation. In other words, better client relationship contributes to the success of projects, products and services, which on larger frame in fact maintained through the organizational culture.

The client’s involvement should be highly appreciated, they can review the product at each stage and can provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. Client positive involvement builds the right quality efficient and cost effective product, reduce risks and increase predictability, which also helps to maintain transparency, continual development, early delivery and at the same time ensures the credibility of the work being done.

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