Evolutionary Directives

Evolutionary Directives

This doesn’t mean a highly directive management style or an execution-machine, but in fact, evolution and agile are hand in hand together emphasized empowering through closer cooperation and supportive approach. Management should remove the impediments and supply the tools needed, to get the job done.

Many organizations still run old, top-down, directive paradigms which are mostly not compatible with an evolutionary working environment. Agile evolutionary directives help an organization to develop result-oriented processes and the right culture for the businesses in demand with technology. Another objective of agile directives is to meet an ROI through all the services we provide to our customers and at the same time also focus on the critical path and cost variation of the project. Agile talks about empiricism, emphasize using common sense which allows you to learn to find the solutions to improve the way of working. Evolutionary directives are the base of agile iterative and incremental approaches.

It is interesting to note that there is no starting point, nor is there an ending point, instead you iterate back and forth between activities as required. With an evolutionary approach, your working models and processes are developed over time throughout your project in a continuous manner. The bottom line is that to work with an agile team, need an evolutionary approach. It is the only choice to work in this way. Agile teams embrace change and therefore decide to work evolutionarily. This is the model that should last throughout the entire cycle of Agile evolution.

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