Agile Acute Integration

Agile Acute Integration

Acute Integration focus on delivering improved business value and organizational alignment. it’s important to have insight into acute integration between client expectations, tools, techniques and solutions. This integration creates opportunities for innovation and digital optimization in business. For such a distributed integration, Agile provides the required environment and architecture including connectors, containers and APIs which also brings an improved alignment in the project execution, completion and post-implementation by constantly adapting and incorporating the changes and demands needed by the customers.

Since Agile is a mindset more than a framework, it’s easy to integrate with the other methodologies and approaches, e.g. waterfall, to create more-suited hybrid frameworks. Through Agile Integration culture, there is an opportunity to building better infrastructure as Agile alliance ensures rapid and repetitive changes in the various stages with speed, flexibility and autonomy. Agile integration encourages the rapid cultivation of new plans and the rapid implementation of new configurations.

Organizations must open to Agile Integration as it isn’t only about the technical change, digitalization or harnessing the best-of-breed technology but in fact to integrate business potential with the existing environment to adapt to the change with ease and grace.

Integration can be between system and sub-systems, programs and sub-programs and projects and sub-projects and as a functional whole its business integration with the other parts of businesses. The purpose of acute integration is to resolve any inconsistencies, instability, complexities and irregularities. Agile spirit and trust behind integration are to successfully roll out the mutual trust and elastic stability between business processes, methodologies and work culture, which is the biggest driver of organizational architectural change. The fine-grained richness and built-in intelligence underlying agile integrations present disparity where no matter how diverse, the complex is your multi-cloud landscape and business end-system. In a nutshell Agile Acute Integration is the integration of people, processes, technology and architecture to improve productivity, operational consistency and portability.

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