The Famous Scrum


The Famous Scrum

“Why is Scrum the most widely used methodology?”

There is a lot of material discussing the difference between Traditional Project Management and Agile methodologies. Similarly, you will find discussions and articles comparing the different Agile methodologies. I also happen to get a chance to analyze the effectiveness of different Agile methodologies in distributed teams, in my book “Beyond Agile Boundaries”. 

One thing is most prominent in these discussions, regarding Agile methodologies, is that Scrum is most popular among all the methodologies. The same fact has been verified from different sources

The question is what characteristics make Scrum the mostly widely used Agile methodology? I think that the most prominent reason is the wide range of elements the Scrum has to offer as compared to the other Agile methodologies. Secondly, the fact is that when Agile Manifesto and Principles were put together and formalized in 2001, the basis for most of them was the Scrum methodology. That is the reason that when we look at Agile Manifesto and Principles, we see that Scrum Methodology practically covers most of the aspects. 

The range of meetings in Scrum methodology, including Planning Meetings, Daily Standup, Sprint Review Meetings, Retrospective Meetings and Backlog grooming meetings, covers for major part of Project Management. They provide flexibility as well as comprehensive control over proceedings to the Project Manager. All involved stakeholders are able to benefit from these meetings, one way or the other. 

As mentioned in my book “Beyond Agile Boundaries”, Scrum is alo most effective Agile methodology when the teams are working in a distributed model and is able to cater most to the cultural difference between the teams or team members. Although Scrum may be used in mix with other Agile methodologies by most of the practitioners but the core reasons remain the same as discussed earlier. 


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