The Wounded Souls

Wounded Souls

The Wounded Souls

The selfish emotionless bloodsucker of society sucks the values out from society and make society horrific, toxic and vandalize with abusive manipulations and disturbance, make life of many souls miserably horrible and wounded, full of hurting humiliation, who are again bought and again sold but left nothing for themselves, no family, no home, no respect and no acceptance, having no right to love nor loved.

There is no escape but to keep chasing the dreams like the body follows the soul. Dreams no one can buy, they follow you and you follow them. It’s like to catch your own self-worth with compassion and tolerance.

This picture drag to realize a very kind concern towards achieving the social and emotional needs, by passing through a lot of narrows, ups and downs.  No excuses even after being broken, battered and feeling drowned, don’t leave yourself alone, don’t outcast yourself, don’t be insensitive and unwilling to help yourself, change mental attitude and keep believing Almighty God as all human beings are created by the same.

The wounded shattered souls need to recover to help other wounded. There is no reason to stop living, never treat yourself inhumanly, discourteously and adopt self-abandoned. Feel every little joy as a big source of pleasure, still you can shine after getting shunned and disrespect by society and by your own. Unfold and embrace yourself, create value to grow higher. Dig deep get your heart back to give some courage and credit to yourself to get energy of self-support and self-inspiration for the next leap to hold your dreams.

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