Importance of Interview Feedback

Importance of Interview Feedback

I personally believe, taking an interview and giving an interview both are an art. Interviewing is a very methodical process, I believe well-prepared interviewers bring positive energy to the interviews, must consist of very relevant questions aligned with the Job Posting, and behavior-based questions to dig out qualities, team-based work skills, client-based work skills, attributes, expectations, and demographics. And questions for general assessment for a candidate’s history, goal, and motivation.

The preparation process of Interview questions objectively helps to get great and accurate detail of the actual role, trend, and suitable approach. Other than the required technical expertise, the other major purpose is to measure the abilities of the interviewee concerning organizing mindset, confidence, collaboration, flexibility, adaptability, planning, prioritization, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, ability to handle problems and issues, decision making and growth transformation capacity.

More preparation by Interviewer will make interviews more fluent, natural, constructive, and stress-free. The interviewer must be a good professional listener, like conversations and ideas, having good, having a good sense of humor and nice approach while dealing with others.

One of the most important and corporate part of this interview is to give professional and unbiased feedback or critique to the interviewee in a very encouraging in a positive manner without any professional buttering or shouldn’t be awkward conveying any imposing expressions, must be concise, to the point and goal-oriented, about the skillsets which again linked with preparation.

Another reason for emphasizing on feedback part of the interview is that it and it enhances the personal and professional growth of the interviewee. I firmly believe interview feedback is always effective, impressive, and beneficial, having a long-lasting impact on competency improvements and personal attributes to get better to meet future challenges.

it is always necessary to choose words carefully not to offend anyone.

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