How to Overcome the Agony of Job Loss?

How to Overcome the Agony of Job Loss?

Fortunate are those who didn’t experience job loss, especially during the COVID-19 crisis that increased the probability of organizational restructuring, business collapse, or market downfall. I know many people who have lost their jobs, most of them were unprepared and went through this bitter and painful experience of tears, anger, grief, questioning, mourning, and emotions. Some of them faced immediate loss, some went through several rounds of cuts, some went through a stressful period, but all of them must have questioned work policies, ethics, and severance. The real agony starts when applying on jobs every day consistently, but getting interviews (if lucky), but facing a lot of demands around advanced skillsets and skills enhancement.

To cope with job loss crises is not easy at all, this really tests the strengths of your moral confidence, self-compassion, and skillful intellect. During such an unsettling time, I would suggest, one must believe in a positive attitude and acquire the most effective tools to minimize the stress. Take a breath, accept and try your higher best to get current and future possibilities, to raise, reverie, and reinvent, and finally to reestablish hope within themselves all over again. Keep learning and adding new relevant skills into your resume, also keep maintaining personal network and career contacts for successful the present and future, keep an eye on available openings.

I always recommend working on yourself to develop a smart strategic job search plan and a selective to-do list based on the experience, skills, strengths, and desired job title and accordingly customize and polish cover letter, resume, online profiles, and portfolios, build both online and offline presence appropriately and effectively. And to new talents, I would recommend that internship, temping or volunteering is also a good start for work-integrated learnings and to build professional connections and relationships to get direct information about potential opportunities for placements or future work.

Go across the comfort zone, adapt the SMART Goals approach, build a unique skillset, dig deep into your personal branding, and access all available and possible means. Get the right combination of skill, capabilities, passion, and interest to build quality of career, living style, and status.

Here I would like to suggest several ways to search work including personal networking referrals, connectivity with executive recruiters, headhunting firms and staffing agencies, use the right job search boards, portals, or platforms, answering job ads online or offline, visiting direct websites of industry-specific and selective companies, knocking the employer’s door for an on-site interview, participate in job fairs, attempting interviews mock sessions, attending industry events and informational interviews or meetings, of course, these days’ use right social media smartly for this purpose and more specifically keep in touch with community employment centers.

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