Learn to Listen Yourself

Learn to Listen Yourself

Self-listening is very important and useful to stay calm and on track. Be the best listener of your own life story, probably the only listener. This exercise is very enlightening, powerful, and meaningful. I used this for my exploration, transition, and goal-setting, I went through a good learning experience and found this a very strong means.

Honestly, sometimes, it’s an obvious feeling that I don’t have anything to change as I felt unable to move forward. I believe it takes time for most people to open up and begin sharing great information about themselves. Don’t rush as It’s not just a bunch of questions, there are questions to get the process started and then as needed throughout, but it’s more of a free flow of information sharing, no barriers to what you want out of life.

I used plain paper and a pen, pulled together my thoughts and half-formed ideas, interests, and theories, to build a frame for meaningfulness in a more concrete and tangible way exploring the meaning and potential goals.

I felt a little nervous, where I found it difficult to answer some of the questions but took this as an opportunity to gather my thoughts and give a proper response to some revealing questions. I started having a flashback in my mind and started thinking about the things I missed doing and would like to have in the future. I enjoyed listening to myself, it gave me a completely different perspective, there is no problem talking to yourself about what would you like to develop in yourself, give silence to yourself to think a little more and deep and I felt listened by myself. It’s a really neat and natural exercise that helps to feel what exactly you need from your life.

Most of the most, only think about goals for work and life but never really taken the time to think about what influences the goals. Sketching a self-portrait reflects on these aspects brings meaning to life.

I encourage opening yourself, feel comfortable in expressing yourself to build a self-portrait without fear of judgment, beliefs, and barriers. I see in the past life and future life and this manner gave me real-time help. I learn to avoid overlapping between my professional and personal lives. Getting your own trust…! is really cool to feel when it comes.

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