Professionally Certified

Professionally Certified

“So you are PMP certified? Why? What is the use of PMP certification?” I was once asked this question by an interviewer. I felt a bit awkward, especially with the “Why?” part and also the way he asked the question. I felt that question was coming from someone who has not been able to attain the same or have indifferent views about the PMP certification. But with passage of time, I realized that, keeping the attitude of the interviewer aside, the question itself was a valid one. It might have been much easier for me to understand and respond in a better manner if the questions had been rephrased something like “Why did you think of attaining the PMP certification?” or “How has the PMP helped you to grow professionally?”

Apart from getting the honor of earning one of the most acclaimed Project Management certification, the PMP certification brings in a lot of other things. This is not just for the PMP certification but also holds true for all such certifications that are acclaimed worldwide. Basically these certifications are skill sets, frameworks and tools that add to your experience and play an important part in your personal growth.

These certifications, especially offered by PMI, have some prerequisites related to overall and project management domain related experience. These prerequisites have both educational and experience requirements. To appear for any certificate exam, you have to complete a certain number of training hours as well.

The other good thing about these certifications is that even after you have successfully earned them, you have to continuously keep attending to some activities related to these certifications. This means that earning a certification is not all, you have to keep on learning and giving back to the knowledge domain. 

Another aspect of being a certified professional is that other professionals around you acknowledge that you have attained a certain professional level of expertise. What difference it makes is that any discussion, seminar, meeting, group discussion or job you join, you start from a certain level and all information you share can be related to the certified domain by yourself. 

As a certified professional, you are able to relate all your Project Management activities to the knowledge base. As Project Manager, you have internationally recognized guidelines for all the activities. 

Due to the skills and knowledge base of a standard certified professional, organizations worldwide acknowledge the importance and value of your point of view. That is the reason that certified professionals are by far well paid and belong to higher salary brackets.

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