Enjoy to Excel


Enjoy to Excel

One core thing that I have learned through my professional experience is that in order to excel in your field, you have to enjoy what you do. If you are not enjoying your professional life, then it means you are only going through the motions. In such situations, you just go to your workplace, try to avoid many things and just wait for the day to end and get this painful exercise to end for the day.

When you are enjoying what you do, then it acts as a source of motivation for you as well. The motivation impacts your brain to think out-of-the-box and you start to positively test your capabilities. This behavior makes you achieve extraordinary things and you automatically start to excel the common trough. 

Some experts often discuss this aspect with me with the thought that it means that anyone doing a job may not be able to fully enjoy himself/herself , then the enjoyment is limited to people with their own business. This may be true but to some extent, you can always base your business around what you like but in the case of a job, it might not always be possible. 

But all is not lost while doing some job. You can always find something that you like. To determine and realize your liking, you should explore the motives behind your job.  In most of the cases, you could be doing some job because you need to earn money to fulfill your financial needs. Or you could be doing some job just to learn something and gain experience in some specific domain. You could be doing some job to satisfy your self-esteem or to prove some point to someone. You might be doing some job due to some issue. Whatever the reason is, you should tell yourself that you are achieving some targets through your job and working towards some motive. 

To excel, you have to be clear about what you want to achieve in future, irrespective of your current motive. Plan a way forward to lead you towards what you want to achieve. Also you will be able to define your path to get to your future target. Once you are clear about your targets and path leading to it, then you can always plan out activities to walk through that path. This will also give you an opportunity to talk to your current employer to determine how they can help in your journey. Once your path is aligned with your employer strategy then you will automatically start finding motivation in your work. If they are not aligned, even in that case you know you have to do something about it and maybe switch the employer who is more aligned with your targets. Once you have this alignment with your employer, then conduct periodic self-analysis to see how you are doing against your plans and in case of major variation, you can always make adjustments and corrections. 

Most important thing is to be patient. Don’t expect things to happen or change over night. Everything has some process and along the way you may have to make some sacrifices, bear some pain, face some negative consequences, Important thing is that you remain patient especially in case of any failure and try to find some positive aspects in that as well. Just keep telling yourself: “Anything that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. 

Always believe in yourself. If anybody else can do it then you can also do it. Make yourself believe that you can do it better. When you are able to say that “I love what I do” then certainly you are on the path to greatness. 

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