Something that makes you Strong


Something that makes you Strong

“Something that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

Life is all about unpredictable and unexpected events which can be both good and bad ones. Good events are always easy and nobody really cares about them and mostly take them for granted. The real challenge always lies when you are going through a bad patch. That is the time when you are alone. 

When you are going through a testing time, then nothing seems to be working for you. The more you strive, the more challenging it becomes. It is very difficult to survive through this time. Mentally you face a very tough and tricky situation. If you try to focus on good things you had in your life, then you start to miss them and feel the pain of losing them. If you disconnect yourself from good memories, then the pain starts to multiply in terms of magnitude. 

The important and foremost thing is that you need to somehow survive through this testing time. You should try to calm yourself to be as patient as you can with a belief that it will all end sometime soon. Keep telling yourself that you have survived the toughest part and major portion of it and you have the power to successfully survive the remaining part. Although it is a fact that things can get too exciting when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and you  try to rush things. You need to be patient and learn to be consistent through all phases and that is the most important lesson of life and key to success. 

The tough phases teach you important things and gain experience about things, people and life which you wouldn’t have done otherwise. You get to recognize the true faces of people and be able to differentiate between your friends and foes. People you believed to be always standing behind you start to leave you behind. Similarly you will find support in people out of nowhere.. The other important thing you learn is about priorities in life. Many things you might have ignored or taken for granted previously might unveil themselves. You might be able to put aside many useless habits of yours and get more serious about things with higher priority. Similarly, you might get a chance to set different targets for yourself and might challenge yourself to a new level. 

Many times, you think a few things are irreplaceable but once you are not any more, you start to live without them and with a positive mindset, might be able to come up with some better alternative. It is a classical example that in our professional lives we often discuss that a certain resource is mandatory for the project or company and if he/she leaves, then we will not be able to perform the operations. In reality, it is common for such resources to leave and always someone else is there to fill the gap. 

The summary of this discussion is that ups and downs, both are an opportunity for you. The thing is how you look at them. About tough and testing periods in your life, keep telling yourself one thing that “Something that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

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