Losing Depression through Writing


Losing Depression through Writing

It is natural human psychology to feel annoyed and sometimes depressed when faced with some issue or challenge in life. There may be many ways to reduce this tension. Mostly people rely on engaging their minds in something to take their attention away from the issue or situation, in order to reduce the tension. 

One of the most effective ways of keeping your mind busy is to start writing about something. Although it could be about anything, if still you are not able to think about something, other than your problem, then why not just write about it?

Writing about your problem has proved to be a very effective activity to reduce stress levels. Article by Harvard Health Publishing and Research paper by Corey S. Mackenzie, along with many others, also suggests the same. It is termed much better as compared to verbally sharing the same with anyone. There are many reasons for that because when you write something, it is a kind of secret with you. You always have a chance to review later what you wrote with a different mindset and if you feel you should still share it with anyone, then you can always do that. 

Expressing yourself, especially in the form of written words, has a natural calming effect. It helps in taking a lot of load off your mind and as a result you feel better and start thinking about the same issue or situation in a different manner which might be actually a solution to that. As you write about your problem, you start to chalk down the reasons behind the whole scenario and gradually you are able to summarize the core issue. Once you have that in mind, then you can find a solution to that as well. You can find a remedy to your problems and also can consult someone to discuss your issues. 

The other thing, writing about something, is to help you develop motivation and build strength within yourself to take up that challenge with a positive frame of mind. The best person to tell you to do something or avoid something is you, yourself. So, it means you hold the key to your own problems simply because you cannot lie to yourself. Writing about yourself also helps to bring the best out of you as you explore yourself and start to realize things about you which you might never have realized otherwise. 

There may be no logical explanation to the link between writing and decline in depression levels but psychological studies do have proved that writing about your problems makes you feel mentally relieved. Writing has also been termed as a good alternative to medicines to reduce depression levels and the good thing about it is that there are no side-effects. 

So pick up a pen and start writing and it might become a useful hobby for you and who knows soon you might be able to discover a great writer who was hiding inside you.

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