Life Less Ordinary

Life Less Ordinary

Life Less Ordinary

It was like any other day with regular challenges. We had an on-site deployment in the morning and the rest of the day was full of regular client support related stuff. It was almost 9 PM in the evening and I was planning on closing my day which started at 10 AM. Naturally I was quite soaked up. Also it was still middle of the week so any chances of extended rest seems a remote option. 

Just as I was about to leave, I started getting calls on Messenger from clients that their sites are not working. I called my technical lead who had finished the onsite release deployment a couple of hours ago and had just reached home. No other technical resource was in office or was reachable on the phone. I discussed the issue with my technical lead and we further discussed the same with the website hosting company. It turned out that our subscription for all the services had expired a few weeks back and sites were closed today due to non-payment and multiple reminders. 

The issue was caused because the company’s senior management used to have all the information only and the management was changed to the new one recently. It was a major blunder made by the new management but as far as we were concerned, we were focused on the issue at hand and needed to quickly take clients’ websites back up and running.

Since the clients were using the systems to process online financial services, delay or stoppage of operations meant loss to them by each passing second. We worked aggressively with the hosting company, with the help of a consultant, and after almost eight hours’ efforts, we were able to reinstate the website and the systems.

There was some lifetime learning for us;

  • The foremost was that under such chaotic situations, you should be focusing on the right things you can do. This is also termed as Pareto rule which means that 20% of solutions will solve 80% of the problem. 
  • The other learning aspect was directly related with one of the Agile principles that you build your team around trusted and motivated individuals. 
  • Another important learning was about the importance of documentation. Ih there has been proper documentation regarding such important things, it might have been taken care beforehand. 
  • Last but not the least, I learned about the and experienced a real life situation where I was faced with a huge risk and I had to  accept it because it was unfortunately identified at a stage when it had already been triggered. I got a chance to make best out of a situation when I was at the receiving end. 

I always read about it that the moment you fail, you learn something important but never realized what it actually meant till the time I experienced such a situation. 

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