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“What does management expect from any new resource?”

For any professional, one of the most important phases of life is when he/she starts his/her professional life’s journey after completing the educational phase. The resources are energetic with high hopes and lots of dreams and expectations regarding their future. 

It is a very exciting and important time for these youngsters. They always come with a mindset that what they learned in college life was good enough but the first thing they learn in professional life is that the point where ther education phase ends, the professional learning starts from there. They come across challenges and experiences which they never learned in books.  

In my experience, all the good and successful resources were very patient and listened to seniors during that critical stage of their careers when they were starting with their professional careers. There are few things which I am sharing that I feel that if a fresh resource can adopt early in their careers, can prove really helpful in growth of their careers.   

The first and the foremost thing is the attitude and expectations from the first job. I always advise them to consider the first job as an extension to their educational careers. It means that they should not focus too much on the monetary benefits, so early on, rather they should focus on what they could learn from their job. I have seen resources getting into good organizations as their first job and making most of it mainly because they were focused on learning the tools, techniques, skills and processes etc. Once a resource has something under his/her wings, then he/she has the whole world ahead of them to conquer. The skillful resources can negotiate monetary benefits, as per their liking, once that stage is reached. 

The second suggestion, I always give, is to have a positive attitude and show eagerness in their approach. By positive attitude, I mean that the resource should always know about his/her weaknesses and should always be keen to improve. By showing eagerness I mean that the resource should always share that eagerness to get a chance to learn from their seniors. The senior resources always delegate tasks and responsibilities to resources who show eagerness. It is always a good idea for a resource to spend some time with his/her line manager and discuss his/her career path. This gives a chance tot the resource to plan his/her future path based on their own liking, as well as the vision of their line manager and the organization. That is the point of career and one of the main reasons, resources makes strategic career switches as they might feel that the current employer is not what they need to achieve their goals and career path.

Another thing that I always recommend to the new resources is that they should always “speak up their thoughts” in a positive manner. It again provides a great opportunity for the resources to show the seniors that you have your own vision and thoughts and just don’t follow others’ vision or instructions. 

The other recommendation, I make, is that the resources should be consistent in their work. It not only involves following the discipline but also being consistent with all other activities. The reason that this consistent behavior is helpful is that the senior management can plan a much more effective growth plan based on your attitude. If a resource is inconsistent, it is not easy for management to plan anything and they might lose interest in resource development. 

Other than that the resources should always follow-up their tasks and communication. Some benefits I have discussed in my article “The Effective Follower”. I always suggest that the follow-up is part of each activity and it helps in effectively closing any task. 

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