EID 2020

Eid Greetings and Prayer – May 2020

This EID… Be thankful to God for Spirit, Peace and Love, we have Be thankful to God for Food, Clothes and Home, we have Be thankful to God for Life, Happiness and Protection, we have We spent a different Ramadan, so let’s prepare ourselves for a different EID This EID DOORS might close but HEARTS more open This EID let’s...

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Ramadan Mega Offer 2020 by OGMC Publications – Knowledge and Help together

A quiet Ramadan unlike any Ramadan I have known in my lifetime But It’s a blessing to celebrate Ramadan with family and beloved ones in a Time of Crisis. Helping OTHERS is the Real Instinctive Essence of RAMADAN which transform BELIEVERS into ACTION. Let’s Help Pandemic Victims Together through sharing Knowledge. Join Hands to Fight against Coronavirus Pandemic Ramadan...

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Traning Center

OGMC Professional Series is finally here!!!

We are happy to announce that OGMC is now formally releasing the Professional Learning series as “Agile Practitioner”. Offering a quickest way for students and professionals to enhance their knowledge, skills and expertise on Agile transition, Agile culture and Agile Governance. Agile Practitioner series will help you in boosting your career in the shortest time. This...

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REACH is an exclusive copy right concept of OGMC. This is derived through the collective experience, knowledge and research of M. Zeeshan Ali and myself Saqib J. John, this is also the part of our next OGMC Publication titled as “Remote Project Management in Pandemic & Beyond”. The purpose and phenomena behind the R.E.A.C.H is...


“The Ultimate Management Psychology” The Management is not just about processes, practices and methodologies rather a large proportion of it purely depends on emotional and behavioral psychology of the individuals as well as collectively as a team. Based on our (myself and my friend / business partner Saqib Javed John) professional experiences and learnings over the...