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Saqib is one of the founding members and Managing Director of Organizational Governance Management Consultants (OGMC). Saqib has immense experience in developing and managing human behavior, process engineering and optimization, risk management, conflict management, performance maturity audits and policy making. This is one of the reasons he is relatable to readers of Business and management professions. He is the best known for his rapid-learning techniques and easy methods of practical implementations. He also has contributed to many anthologies. His work is helping thousands of students, teachers and professionals. He has professional expertise of more than 19 years of working on enterprise projects in various business domains ranging from functional organization to projectized organization.


Team Collaboration
Agile Methodology Project Management

Team Collaboration Tools

Agile methodologies focus on team empowerment through collaboration and for that meetings and teams being co-located are the elements which are more stressed upon. With teams now mostly working in distributed model, with resources scarred at different locations and time-zones, it is somewhat contradicting with the values of Agile Manifesto. Fortunately, multiple collaboration as well...

Project Management

Technical Project Manager

“Does the Project Manager need to be technical as well?Once during an interview for a Project Manager position, in a software development company, the interviewer asked me; “How do you design the architecture of the applications?”. The interview was going along very well till this point and I was a bit taken back at...

Project Management

The Troubled Project

“The Story of a Turn Around” When a Project Manager has a history of completing challenging projects successfully, then the management is always keen on throwing even more challenging projects your way. The same thing happened to me when I was assigned a very troubled project.  The project was with a Federal Government Department and was...

Time Box
Agile Methodology

Agile Scoping and Timeboxing

Agile is all about flexibility but the experts will agree with me that there is much more to Agile than just being flexible. Most professionals consider this flexibility as unbounded means they think that being Agile means there can be a change in work plan and scope at any time. Being Agile doesn’t mean that...

Agile Methodology Organizational Transformation

Agile Acute Integration

Acute Integration focus on delivering improved business value and organizational alignment. it's important to have insight into acute integration between client expectations, tools, techniques and solutions. This integration creates opportunities for innovation and digital optimization in business. For such a distributed integration, Agile provides the required environment and architecture including connectors, containers and APIs...

Organizational Governance Organizational Transformation

Evolutionary Directives

This doesn't mean a highly directive management style or an execution-machine, but in fact, evolution and agile are hand in hand together emphasized empowering through closer cooperation and supportive approach. Management should remove the impediments and supply the tools needed, to get the job done. Many organizations still run old, top-down, directive paradigms which are...


FromDec 2018ToPresent

(1+ YEARS)

Organizational Governance Management ConsultantsLahore, Pakistan

Managing Director

  • Organizational Governance, Efficiency and Audit
  • Corporate Legal Affairs & Intellect Management
  • Service Level Architecture & Agreements
  • Approach, Methodology and Maturity Assessments
  • Design & Implement Policy and Procedures
  • Performance and KPIs Management
  • Cross Functional Standardization & Centralization
  • Institutional Knowledge Management
  • Forecasting, Decision & Competitive Intelligence Support

FromMay 2018ToAug 2018



Head of Organizational Development and PMO

  • Business Intelligence and Project Information Management
  • Processes, Procedures and Policies Audit
  • Portfolio performance and Work Performance Reports
  • Enhance Organizational & HR Capabilities
  • Project Governance and Standardization
  • Resource Skills and Knowledge Development
  • Promote Project and Processes Standardization
  • Establish and Manage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

FromMay 2014ToApr 2018


Genesis IntegrationDubai, UAE

Project Manager

  • Successful Administration of Project Legal Framework and Audits
  • Project Resources and Communication Management
  • Support the creation and improvement of processes, procedures, and
  • Contractors / Sub-Contractors and Vendors Management through Legal Contracts
  • Track and report on project portfolio performance, providing a real-time and prioritized view of all projects

FromApr 2005ToMar 2014


HBS TechnologiesLahore, Pakistan

Project Manager

  • Development of the Project Charter, Project Plan, Service Level Agreements for overall planning, executing, controlling and delivery to clients.
  • Managing Scope, Time and Cost baselines to ensure the successful completion of the project.
  • Project Audits to ensure the work delivered to customers within the quality expected and covering all risks identified.
  • Project and team performance evaluation to build organizational process assets.
  • Human Resource Development and Coaching
  • Work with other managers to ensure consistency.
  • High level reporting to Project Board and stakeholders on achievements, improvements, action plans and progress

FromApr 2001ToMar 2005


Institute of Computer TechnologyLahore, Pakistan

Senior Executive Project Support

  • Monitoring of clients new requirements, feedback, configurations and customization.
  • To efficiently prioritize and allocate incoming requests to Support team and PMO.
  • To ensure that SLAs are met and targets are maintained.
  • Follow up with customers to ensure issues are resolved.
  • Maintain a mindset of continuous improvement, in terms of efficiency of support processes and customer satisfaction.
  • To manage and ensure change control processes.
  • To assist the Project Manager in designing and managing the Project Plan and day to day affairs.
  • Provide support to HR Department in Identification and Finalization of potential resources.
  • Coordinator for ISO Implementations



ITIL v3 Foundation


Sep 2013


Project Management Institute (PMI), USA

Aug 2013


Project Management Institute (PMI), USA

May 2013

Sun Certified Web Component Developer, SCWCD for J2EE Platform

Sun Microsystems, USA

Dec 2002

Sun Certified Java Programmer, SCJP for Java2 Platform

Sun Microsystems, USA

Jul 2002