OGMC Publication Services

Complete end-to-end publication management services

“Writing, Editing, Publishing and Promoting…”

OGMC provides you top-quality e-publishing services to transforms your writings into eye-catching showcases and to maximize your writing impact and visibility, by promoting and sharing yours contributes worldwide appropriately. Publishing is a rigorous process, we help you write, submit, publish and promote your work. OGMC makes your tasks easier, simplify your workflow, accelerate your research, provides in-depth insights to ensure integrity to your writings.

We make you published then noticed. We, help you, to perfect your work significantly, to expand the audience and to bring knowledge to the international community. We strictly follow checklists, checkpoints, bibliometric indicators, guidelines and principles and instructions to ensure quality. We assure 100% reliable publication 24-hours.

We help authors to avoid perplexity, plagiarism and self-plagiarism. We are determined to meet your publishing needs from wherever you are, we give motion to your writings.

We offer a full range of authentic publication services for the authors who would like to publish their articles, books and other piece of writings

Writing, Editing and Proof Reading

  • High-quality content writing, translation, thesis writing, journals, newsletters, bibliography and articles
  • Manuscript editing and submission, response to reviewers, resubmission
  • Book editing, screening, proof reading, scientific review and formatting interior layout
  • Ensuring language accuracy, precision, spellings, grammar and punctuation
  • Content consistency, structure, clarity and legibility, line weights, bit depth
  • High resolution images, dimensions, and compression
  • Managing and verifying your reference collections
  • Official research papers editing and publications in different journals

Publishing and Promotion

  • Idea conceptualization, Creativity, Strategic Planning & support for publication
  • eBook Publishing & online Distribution
  • Copyrighting, ISBN Assignment and Barcodes
  • Promoting book and author through the web page, marketing and subscription
  • Building Author’s brand identity to promote sales and engage readers
  • Designing highly visible and appealing Front Cover and Back Cover

Video Development Services

  • Infographic Video Development Service including script, background music, English captions, voiceover, keywords, titles, headings and PowerPoint presentation
  • Posting your video on YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn Slide share, Facebook and more

‘OGMC-Easy-Go’ offers outstanding Pre-publishing and Post-publishing services with full-support and top-impact at best price.

Costing depending on the scope of work and number of pages, but quality is sure.