Optimum IOT / AI Enablement

Optimum IOT refers to the artificially intelligent auto-collaboration, auto-processing and auto-navigation between numerous platforms and applications using new innovative technologies including Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation. Repetitive tasks replaced with much faster engine-driven processes and practices. Enterprise data platform is the key to smoothly execute IOT/AI through the machine learning initiatives such as Speech and image recognition, search relevance, maps, customer service bots and machine translation.

Today’s knowledge workers are like the office workers of yesterday, with limited productivity, but it doesn’t need to be this way because information now can auto-flow from one place to another.  Machine learning (ML) dynamically adapt new information to increase ability, productivity and evolve unprecedented precision in decision-making.  But only Robotic Process Automation is also ‘Not-Enough’ as tools get stuck when judgment and context-switching needed on what, how, and when to use certain information in certain contexts, as human  understand when information is needed, how it has to be manipulated, and how to utilize it for whatever particular task is needed by the organization.

Artificial intelligence is vital aspect of the modern sustainable workplace and disrupting industries, it has redefined many industries and roles so there is no surprise that the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) is a highly followed topic that how AI will drive different functions within an organization like sales enablement.

OGMC evaluate existing AI model output as well as provide best practices and guidelines for AI enablement and create training to increase AI output accuracy and to give gigantic productivity boost. We help to alleviate some of the high-volume, low-value tasks through automating the workflows. We appreciate our clients start automating administrative tasks.

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