Audit and Accountability Management

Organizational Audit is a practical assessment of an organizational capacity with an objective to stabilize or strengthen its key areas i.e. organization’s risks, organization’s regulations, policies and assets. The Audit is an independent consulting activity around organization structure, performance and financials to add value and improve an organization’s operations.

OGMC conduct strategic audits of key teams and on-site processes within your organization to identify the best practices and support organizational growth at all levels. We choose a suitable combination of approaches and techniques in various stages of the auditing process and prepare a comprehensive report of findings around current corporate culture as well as recommendations for future corporate directions.

An organizational audit usually takes 3 to 6 weeks depending on company size or industry. Our role consists primarily of an impartial and professional facilitation of individual parts of the audit. Special auditing tools are used and absolute confidentiality regarding the subjects addressed is ensured.

Organizational Accountability is equally and strategically critical to the success of the organization, lack of accountability has a devastating and stagnation impact on an organization. Organizational accountability is elusive; a consistent and repetitive reinforcement is required around the shared objectives and creative problem- solving through open feedback loops.

OGMC design accountability environment and encourage risk-taking in the workplace to create trust and collaboration rather than resorting to finger-pointing. Accountability is the base of a learning organization; accountable workplace won’t appear overnight as need to invest time and attention to build crystal clear roles, processes, system, culture, knowledge and a sense of ownership, trust, evaluation and improvement instead of punishment and fear.

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