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Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration Tools

Agile methodologies focus on team empowerment through collaboration and for that meetings and teams being co-located are the elements which are more stressed upon. With teams now mostly working in distributed model, with resources scarred at different locations and time-zones, it is somewhat contradicting with the values of Agile Manifesto. Fortunately, multiple collaboration as well...


Speak Up your Thoughts

As a professional, it is always good to hear from others and get a chance to discuss and explore different aspects. Learning from other’s experiences is also an art as it requires patience to listen and understand other people before you can share your feedback. Over the years, I learned that you have to...


The Effective Follower

As a senior member of the PMO team, it is common for us to have a junior level resource for assistance purposes. Some of such resources I worked with were just average resources who most of the time were looking to just serve their time in PMO. While there were some other resources who...