Agile Basics for Professionals

Course Description

This Agile Basic training focuses on providing participants with an overview that how Agile methodology can be effective for any professional. The participants also learn about the different elements of agile methodologies and how they can change their thinking and processes to adopt them in their daily routine.

Course Prerequisites


Who Should Attend

Senior Executives, Department Heads, Project Managers, Program Managers, Product Owners, Technical & QA Leads, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Business Owners, Project Consultants, Any team members who are responsible for managing solution delivery

Learning Objectives

During this course, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Agile methodologies
  • Comprehend the values, rituals, and practices of Agile
  • Different roles and their responsibilities in Agile
  • Know what it means to operate as a self-organizing team
  • How to adopt Agile into the team for their routine work

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Agile Frameworks
  • Comparisons between Agile frameworks
  • Transforming Way of Working
  • Adaptive Planning Approaches
  • Value-Driven Development & Delivery
  • Agile Lifecycle
  • Agile Environment
  • Agile Risk Management
  • Transparency and Visualization
  • Continuous Feedback & Improvement
  • Agile Way of Working
  • Value-Based Prioritization
  • Organizational Agility
  • Agile Tools and Techniques
  • Agile Execution Methods
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